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Day 4: Alternate Holiday Gifts

Welcome to day 4 of my holiday series, Twelve Days of Self-Care. Today it's time to looks at alternatives to running around, hate-buying. Some individuals enjoy Christmas shopping, and start early, buying gifts throughout the whole year in preparation for the end-of-year events. Others traditionally enjoy camping out in parking lots and consider Black Friday a type of family adventure to kick off the season. Nothing is wrong with any of these things. But, for many, they feel forced into buying lots of gifts out of social obligation - that it is what you are "supposed to do". But, as we previously discussed, there is no such thing as normal for the holidays. There is nothing you are really supposed to do.

Hate-Buying Alternatives

And so, this blog article addresses alternatives to rushing around, compulsively buying gifts. The following list is meant to provide ideas for alternative activities that you can make your own.

  • Baking Holiday Cookies Homemade Drink/Dough Mix

  • Gift Cards Save up credit card points over the year and use them for gift cards

  • Crafts Homemade ornaments/decorations Affordable gift bags containing chocolate/candy bought on sale

  • Online Shopping Amazon (no chaos in stores) Find deals in most every favorite online store

Again, identify what you want/need the holiday season to mean for you, and act accordingly. Develop your own gift-giving activities around what you enjoy.

Warm Regards,