When life gets to be too much you should not have to go through it alone. And it should not be hard to find the support you need.


If you are considering online counseling, easy-to-follow instructions are provided for starting services below. 

In less than five minutes you will have access to my schedule, and be able to start scheduling appointments right away.


I also offer free telephone consultations that provide us with an opportunity to discuss your circumstances and issues, and to determine if I can offer the help you need. To request a consultation, just click the orange button located at the top of this website.

Meeting Online

I dedicate my efforts to improving access to mental health services through providing online counseling. Prior to being able to schedule an initial online appointment, there are a few steps that first need to be taken. 

Online Therapy

Doane Counseling Services

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A link to Joanna Doane Ottavio's profile on Psychology Today, where she is verified as a fully licensed therapist in the state of Arizona.
A link to Joanna Doane Ottavio's profile on Online Counselling Directory, where she is verified as a licensed therapist providing online counseling in the state of Arizona.
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