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Online Therapy: Reason #4

The comfortable, home setting where one patient is preparing to meet for an appointment at Doane Counseling Services.

It goes by many names. Officially, in Arizona, it is psychotherapy under the umbrella of 'telemedicine'. This is a service that an agency where I previously worked really took full advantage of (in a good way). Through my own online private practice, I get to incorporate this unique way of providing psychotherapy every day. It is amazing to have clients all over the state versus being limited to those located nearby the office. This platform obviously allows me to reach a much broader range of clients who invite me into their worlds through a doorway that, had telemedicine never come to be, I would have no way of walking through.

So how did this telemedicine thing happen? This week I have been covering a series titled,The Top 4 Reasons Online Therapy is Needed. This post covers reason number four. If interested, check out reasons 1-3 as follows: Reason number 1; Reason number 2; and Reason number 3.

Reason Number 4: Comfort

Addressing emotional health issues can be very overwhelming. There is still a lot of stigma around mental health. And, asking for help can be scary. Meeting with me from virtually any place allows prospective clients to select an environment that is familiar and comfortable to them. They don't have to travel out of their way. They can see me on their own terms, and from a distance that likely feels much safer. Asking a client to meet with me in an unfamiliar office rather than from the comfort of their own homes becomes an impractical expectation. While I may be able to offer them an excellent cup of coffee or tea, nothing in my office will provide them with the level of comfort their own home space can provide.


So, this concludes this series. When you consider the accumulative impact of limited access to local providers, increased options for connectivity, busy schedules, and comfort level, it makes sense why this option is being increasingly utilized by so many clients. I really do encourage my fellow colleagues to consider incorporating this platform into their existing practices, even on just a limited basis. I guarantee you will reach clients you otherwise would not.

Warm Regards, Joanna Doane Ottavio

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