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Triumph: Services Now Entirely Online

Graph showing Doane Counseling Services' growth over the past 3 weeks

When I first set out to start my own private practice at Doane Counseling Services, I knew I eventually wanted to make my services available solely online. From my market analysis I knew that the need was definitely there, but I was not quite sure of the infrastructure. So, I went into it with an assumption that I would need to provide at least some in-person services for the first year or two in order to stay afloat. My goal, however, was to work hard and eventually solidify my practice as being strictly online by 2021 at the latest.

Wow, was I wrong!

In my first three weeks of providing services online, my caseload is halfway full. So, as of today, I'm giving the office where I rent space my 30-day notice. In another 3-6 weeks, at this rate, I may have to stop accepting new clients - at least temporarily. I am already getting new clients online by word of mouth.

So why such the need for online counseling/psychotherapy? Starting tomorrow, and for the remainder of the week, I will be outlining the top four reasons why online therapy has come to be so needed.

Kind Regards, Joanna Doane Ottavio

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